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QualDrop P GROW 125ml phosphatic fertilizer

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General information

P GROW ONE is a preparation supplying phosphorus. Phosphorus is a necessary component of many organic compounds and numerous enzymes. Additionally, as a component of highly-energetic phosphatic compounds of the ADP or ATP type, it is a main energy transporter and accumulator in biochemical processes occurring in plants. P GROW ONE contains also components increasing assimilability and utilization of macro- and microelements. P GROW ONE is particularly recommended for tanks with an active substrate and CO2 dosing system.


1 ml of P GROW ONE per 100 l of water increases the PO43– concentration to approx. 0.1 mg/l.

P GROW ONE increases also the potassium concentration in the aquarium insignificantly. At a PO43– concentration of 0.1 mg/l – by about 0.04 mg/l. Optimum doses and target concentration of phosphorus should be selected individually for every aquarium, taking into account the number and types of plant species, light, substrate type, water hardness, CO2 concentration, and concentrations of other plant nutrient components such as nitrogen and potassium. In the case of an over dosage, a part of the water in the aquarium should be replaced immediately. We recommend using P GROW ONE together with other preparations from the PLANT ONE series.