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BenibachiBlack Soil [NORMAL] 5kg

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General information

This PHENOMENAL SUBSTRATE FOR SHRIMPS is used by the largest farms in Japan, prevents shrimp mortality, and has unique features.

BENIBACHI BLACK SOIL is the highest quality substrate for aquarium shrimps, manufactured from scratch in Japan by the BENIBACHI brand. BLACK SOIL is a specialized substrate, produced with tradition for almost 15 years, thanks to which it provides optimal living conditions for the most demanding shrimps and offers constant unchanging quality. Unique substrate properties prevents mortality from shrimp and make shrimp care much easier. BLACK SOIL maintains slightly acidic water conditions (pH 6 + - 0.5) and creates ideal conditions for living and breeding CRS shrimps. BLACK SOIL is able to absorb impurities, nitrates and phosphates in newly established aquariums, thanks to which it purifies water within one day. BLACK SOIL contains a special set of additives and minerals (recipe is a secret). Thanks to this, substrate significantly improves shrimp health and prevents mortality after a failed molt. The positive effect of shrimp breeding using the BLACK SOIL medium is noticeable almost immediately. BLACK SOIL has a characteristic irregular structure thanks to which it creates a perfect scene, just like in nature. The substrate has an optimal, dark color, clearly emphasizes the colors of shrimp and creates ideal conditions for taking photos, especially macro photos. BLACK SOIL maintains its unique properties with a minimum layer of 5.5-6 cm.


  • Substrate with many years of tradition, offers consistent, unchanging quality
  • creates an ideal, acidic living environment for CRS shrimps
  • unique properties: improves health and reduces mortality
  • removes and reduces all forms of nitrogen
  • huge porosity significantly improves biological filtration
  • high adsorption helps to crystallize water and remove turbidity
  • creates a fantastic scene for photos

  • 30x30x30cm - 5 liters
  • 45x30x30cm - 7.5 liters
  • 60x30x35cm - 10 liters
  • 90x45x45cm - 22 liters
  • 120x45x45cm - 30 liters

The use of BLACK SOIL has many advantages.
First, it maintains detritus on the surface of the substrate, which allows the filters to absorb and remove it by cleaning the filter.
Secondly, BLACK SOIL thanks to its specially designed structure and controlled permeability supports the natural reduction of nitrates [Natural Nitrate Reduction (NNR)], because it allows only a very slow flow of water through the substrate.
In addition, only a very slow flow of water through the substrate allows the full development of two ecological layers. The upper layer of the BLACK SOIL substrate, which has contact with circulating oxygen-rich water, is heavily populated by nitrifying bacteria of the Nitrosospira and Nitrospira genus. These strains of bacteria are responsible for converting lethal shrimp ammonia and nitrite to the least toxic form of nitrogen or nitrates (NO3). Without enough bacteria, ammonia and nitrite will accumulate to toxic levels and kill shrimps. The lower layer of BLACK SOIL contains and develops special strains of bacteria called anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic bacteria live in a poor or oxygen-free environment. These bacteria in the bottom layer of the BLACK SOIL substrate use oxygen molecules from nitrate, converting nitrate (NO3) to volatile gas (N). This phenomenon is very often seen with a thicker layer of BLACK SOIL, as gas bubbles escaping from the bottom of the substrate. BLACK SOIL removes and reduces all nitrogen compounds in shrimp, however, for these two organic bacterial layers to exist, we recommend a minimum of 5cm medium, preferably 7.5-10cm and necessary organisms that will help slow water filtration through the substrate.
The BLACK SOIL substrate layer must be thick enough to allow Nitrosospira and Nitrospira, nitrifying bacteria, and other organisms to reduce oxygen from water penetrating the substrate before the water reaches its lower layer. Only then will anaerobic bacteria draw oxygen from the nitrate molecule and thus reduce it to volatile nitrogen. In addition, this process depends on the structure of the substrate. That is why Benibachi has created a substrate with a perfect fine and irregular structure, because coarse and regular grains allow for rapid penetration of water between the grains and thus prevent the formation of the bottom layer with anaerobic bacteria.

BENIBACHI BLACK SOIL thanks to the uneven, specially designed grain structure creates a unique natural scene, ideal for taking pictures. In addition, almost a thousand tanks from BENIBACHI shrimp farming have been operating on BLACK SOIL for almost a decade.

Granulation: NORMAL, 2-3mm